Facebook Algorithm Changes: What You Need to Know

Oh Facebook, our favorite social media marketing site that we love to hate. Okay, we do love it, but we hate how much they change the way they do things—and the latest change affects business pages in a big way. Now, likes are pretty much pointless, while comments and shares are given more clout than ever. Here’s a closer look at the new Facebook algorithm update and what you can do about it:

Introducing the New Facebook Algorithm

Whenever you post something on your business page, the Facebook algorithm works its magic to determine who sees your post. If you score well, you will get a lot more visibility, and if the algorithm deems you unworthy, you will be lucky if 10 people see your latest happenings. While there are a lot of criteria, we think these are the key things the new Facebook algorithm is looking for:

  • How often each of your followers interacts with your posts. If they comment and share frequently, they will see more and more of your posts.
  • The total engagement for your post. Facebook will start out showing your post to a select few, and if they respond positively (with shares and comments), more people will become privy to your brilliantness.
  • If you post something promotional (usually contains words like buy, download, or enter), then you probably won’t be shown to very many people regardless. Facebook is about engaging your users, which then leads to website clicks and conversion, not about selling directly.
  • What type of content you are sharing. Videos and photos are usually more popular, so the Facebook algorithm gives them more weight, followed by links and then plain text.

What About the Newsfeed?

Unfortunately, increasing your visibility on Facebook isn’t just about meeting the requirements of the Facebook algorithm. Your followers also have control over how much of your content they see. Of course, they can unlike your page at will whenever they want, so you always want to keep them interested without overdoing it, but now, users can also select which brands and friends they want to see every post for. This means that if your followers choose to see you, they will, but if they don’t, there’s a good chance your organic reach will never find their newsfeed. This is why paid Facebook advertising is more important than ever—your paid ads will reach anyone who fits within your designated target market.

Why It All Matters

In short, if you don’t pay attention to these new Facebook algorithm changes, you will waste a lot of time and money. You need to hone in on your strategy to ensure that what you post will actually garner comments and shares instead of just likes.

  • We love sharing quotes because they result in a lot of engagement. Even if we can’t pay to promote these posts because of legal issues, they are homeruns for organic reach.
  • Current trends and news stories are a wise choice—just make sure they fit within your brand image.
  • When paying to boost your visibility (which is a smart move since Facebook lets you get super specific with whom your ads target), skip the like ads and choose the ones that support engagement.

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