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We are a team of professionals, having vast experience in B2C and B2B.

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Working everyday in eCommerce integration solutions, our team has an expertise in this field.

Market Analysis

Demographic information such as age, income, education, and other parameters can help you define your target and, thus, your approach to what kinds of products and services to offer them.

Social Media Marketing

Building search engine friendly and social media network eCommerce site to increase online store traffic, visibility and sales.

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We help you build an analytics platform that provides you visibility into data insights that drive your KPI’s. We help you strategize your analytics roadmap to increases leads, conversions, and your ROI.

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Robust Strategy

A powerful strategy is what it takes to achieve indelible success in eCommerce! As a leading E-Commerce Website Development Company in North Carolina USA, we’ll do all the brainstorming, come up with a roadmap, and orchestrate the most suitable approach for ensuring superior outcomes!

We provide qualitative and quantitative insights that help you streamline your analytics roadmap.

 Excellent Design & Development

The eCommerce web design and site functionality can be the major differentiator between user delight and user annoyance. We ensure to deliver more than your expectations across both the facets!

Our team is well versed with several eCommerce platforms, and has built sites that are highly functional and intuitive.

 Engaging User Experience

Global2net has the proficient technical team you need, to deliver intuitive, engaging, and addictive user experiences. We ensure to perfect even the tiniest user interaction details.

Our User Experience designs thoughtful, engaging, user-centric websites that drive conversions.

 Online Visibility

Internet Marketing has always been our forte! By making use of smart marketing plans and SEO methodologies, we enhance your site’s brand awareness across search crawlers, social media platforms, and the web at large!

SEO friendly work well with customers as well as search engines. Earn high rankings in search results and simultaneously attract your target audience.

Reporting & Analysis

As analytics industry experts, we conduct a Techno-Functional Audit of your website, our goal is to identify the gaps between business context, KPI’s, and Analytics. We provide a detailed audit report that prescribes how to eliminate the gaps and implement KPI’s that accurately measure the business.

We provide qualitative and quantitative insights that help you streamline your analytics roadmap.

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For startups and growing businesses, an eCommerce specialist can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow.

Dedicated Team Member

Your digital consultant will also be able to kickstart campaigns and maximise your marketing budget.

Premium Support

Using plan hours, we keep your site current with page updates, new projects, gallery photos and the latest news.

eCommerce Pricing Plans

Serving Businesses of All Sizes Our services are available for all.

We deal with large companies effectively and provide equal attention to small
and medium-sized businesses and also to start-up businesses.

eCommerce Startup


Startup eStore

Max 10 Products

PayPal Gateway

Basic Maintenance

Hosting and Domain

Other Services Optional

eCommerce SmallBiz


eCommerce Site

Max 50 Products

PayPal Gateway

Advance Maintenance

Hosting and Domain

Monthly Backup

eCommerce Store


eCommerce Platform

Max 100 Products*

PayPal/Stripe Gateway

Premium Maintenance

Hosting and Domain

SEO Monthly Audit


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Think of your eCommerce site as a physical store or an empty room. Your job is to fill it with items or services that people want to purchase. Firstly, who are these people, what are they like, and what are some of the things they’re looking for? Demographic information such as age, income, education, and other parameters can help you define your target and, thus, your approach to what kinds of products and services to offer them.

There are numerous eCommerce platforms that provide a solid framework complete with all the features necessary to set up a sustainable online store. A lot of them offer features that you may not need right away but might find incredibly useful down the road. For example, you might need to accept foreign currencies or implement analytics, depending on the industry you’re in.

This step is very difficult to overcome, especially if design, art, and creativity don’t come naturally to you. However, you could break this step down into smaller components to make the task more manageable. Here are some parts that make up the whole:

• The Name: Although this may go without saying, we’ll discuss it here. The name of your store is intimately tied to your target market, your products and services, and is a reflection of you as an individual, so make a brief list of names and choose the best one.

• The About Page and Contact Page: These pages give your customers the information they need to contact you.

• Logo and Branding: This lets your potential customers put a face to a name, allowing them to recognize and refer to your store directly.

Payment gateways ensure how your customers pay you as well as how those payments flow in the direction of your bank account. Look for a processor that has secure payment handling with encryption, integrated SSL, as well as the ability to accept payments in different currencies, and from different countries. If your payment gateway can be integrated with your PayPal or other online transaction handlers, or seamlessly through WordPress, this would be even better for your eCommerce site. Of course, make sure that your site has plenty of payment logos as well as trust marks to let your customers know that yours is a trustworthy establishment.

What’s an eCommerce store without stuff to sell? If you’re selling products, use high-quality photos in every sense of the word. This includes lighting, composition, and details. Megapixels aren’t as important, except for you to remember to keep these images as small as possible. If you’re offering services, make sure to describe what you offer and who benefits from your services. Be clear and concise—the key is to give your customers plenty of information without exhausting them.

Your brand is more than a name, the logo, and the products. Global2net can make a huge impact on your brand, even the colors you choose can affect the moods of your customers, swaying them towards purchasing from your site, or putting them off completely if your choices are in poor taste. Make your site easy to navigate, to ensure top-notch user experience.


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