User Experience Design

We work with you, taking methodical steps to understand your users and your business goals to realize a design that not only looks great but also succeeds.

So what is User Experience Design?

Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) focuses on the organization of data—that is, how data is structured from a user’s perspective, as opposed to the system, or technical, perspective. At the level of the page layout, information architecture ensures that data is logically grouped and interrelated.

Interaction Design

Concerns the controls, mechanisms, and processes that users require to perform their tasks on systems and so meet their goals. interaction designer determines whether to use a menu rather than a set of tabs, whether to use a drop-down list rather than set of radio buttons, and the process, or steps, for setting up a new email account using a wizard.

Visual Design

Focuses on the aesthetics of a user interface, ensuring that it looks good, communicates the right image to users, and conforms to any brand guidelines. corporate identity, illustration, animation, icon, or photography is integrated into the interface design work.

Usability Engineering

Is primarily about planning and executing various types of usability studies that test how well people can use a user interface, then making recommendations for how to correct the problems that these studies identify.

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