What is UI/UX Design?

The Role It Plays In Mobile App Development


We always start with sketching. It is the easiest way of visualizing our ideas. We usually force ourselves to create three different versions for solving a particular problem. It makes us think so we won’t get lazy. We always show everything to the client. Always. Even the sketches, because it helps the client understand the evolution of the process and our way of thinking.



When we have a few good ideas and know how the main structure of the application will look like we start building a wireframe and the prototype. If we’re in a hurry and the product is a simpler one, sometimes we draw the wireframe or just use the sketches, take photos of them, and use one of the prototyping on paper apps.



User testing

Usually we have a client meeting in the beginning of the week, where we show all the main results of the tests. After this we can agree on the modifications of the design, that will be tested in the second part of the week. Testing in many iterations is a must-have when it comes to prototypes. That is why the iteration phase takes at least a few weeks. We always validate our ideas based on tests with real users. During the UX design process it’s very important to understand that the product is for the users and not vice versa.

Creating a screen flow

In case one of the stakeholders (client, developers, etc.) need one, we create a screen flow to show all the connections between the screens.



User Interface (UI) Design

The purpose of User Interface (UI) design of a mobile app is to decide your mobile app’s look and feel and decide how it is going to interact with its users. The goal of a UI is to have as less interactions as possible on the mobile app and keep it simple and efficient in order to achieve the user’s goal of using the app. A successful mobile application if we are seeing from the users’ point of view is all about how enjoyable their app journey is. The app should be alluring and should maintain a perfect balance between the User Interface and User Experience.

User Experience (UX) Design

User experience (UX) design in iOS and Android is an essential and mandatory part of any mobile app development and design process. At Global2net, our professional UX designer in US performs extensive research and planning on the basis of the app, the specific industry, target market and the demands of the end users of the mobile app that has to be built before creating the app design.

If an app does not perform well after its initial launch or it fails to capture users’ interest, it is very likely users may dump it. That is why mobile user experience design is a critical factor contributing to the successfulness of a mobile app.

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