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Mattel and Google partner on a radically new and different View Master.

Mattel and Google partner on a radically new and different View Master

Remember taking the bright red Mattel View-Master you had as a kid, popping in one of those reels of film and looking at 3D pictures of far-away places or exotic animals?

The View-Master is back, and with a big upgrade: Mattel has partnered with Google to bring the search giant’s Google Cardboard virtual reality software to the View-Master, letting kids explore environments like a space shuttle or a new city in 360 degrees.

Mattel’s new View-Master works by combining what Mattel calls an “experience reel” with a specialized app on an Android smartphone. It can also run any of the 200 or so Google Cardboard virtual reality apps currently in the Google Play store, serving as an affordable gateway into the world of virtual reality.

“Combining technology and innovation with this classic toy gives kids an enhanced experience allowing for play opportunities not yet imagined through new, digitally curated content,” said Mattel SVP and Global Brand General Manager, Toy Box Doug Wadleigh in a statement.

Announced Friday, the View-Master will be available early this year for $29.99 along with a sample reel. Customers can buy packs of new experience reels with fresh content for $14.99 each. Mattel told that it’s experimenting with bringing back some of its classic View-Master content for the new platform as well.

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Fresh Graphic Design

Global2net offers service to facilitate a complete branding and visual recognition solution for companies whether small or large, in relation to web, digital and print mediums.



At Global2net, we know that the branding of your business is important.

A logo design represents the uniqueness of your business – first impressions count, so it is important that your logo design makes a lasting impression.

A professional logo design that is appropriate to your business builds the foundation for communicating your business to clients. Your business logo is usually the first point of contact a potential customer will have with your business.

Our logo designers work with you closely to ensure you receive an effective business logo design that professionally represents the essence of your business.

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